Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gluten Free Burritos at Dirty Harry's Burrito and Juice Bar

Burritos AND juice(?) you say. I thought it was a weird combination too. My friend told me the food here was awful but my husband and I decided to try it anyway. I'm gluten free and it's the only place in town I can get a burrito that's not in a bowl. They also have vegan cheese and options. When we first get there we were a little apprehensive. Although the staff was nice, the service was horrible. They seemed far more concerned with socializing with each other than taking care if their customers. Super slow service and there were only 4 tables seated. The food, however, was excellent. I had a gluten free ocean burrito with lump crab, grilled shrimp, mahi mahi, cilantro lime rice, goat cheese and mango salsa. It was bangin'. I was surprised how good the gluten free tortilla was. My husband had the jerk chicken nachos, also gluten free, and they were amazing. The chicken itself was super good. Also had a spiced apple margarita that was made with fresh squeezed apple and ginger juices and agave and it was off the chain. Now I understand the juice part of this restaurant. It means fresh and delicious craft cocktails. Prices are good but beware of the overpriced draft beer though. My husband was shocked when we got the bill and saw that his pint of beer was the same price as his nachos.

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Eat Gluten Free Burritos, Drink Freshly Squeezed Cocktails and Be Gluten Free!

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